Marshall Music’s Annual Musical Instrument Sale

Marshall Music’s Annual Musical Instrument Sale is here, and it’s bigger than ever! It’s almost time for our Annual Musical Instrument Sale and we are just bursting at the seems to tell you about the great deals we have put together for you! To celebrate our love for all things music, we’ve taken up to 40 and 50% off all your favorite musical brands and instruments online and in-store. Expect great bundle deals, once in a lifetime specials and all the cheap [...]


The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Tribute Show

“Music is for every single person that walks the planet” – Robert Plant Robert Plant is rumored to sometimes sing notes only dogs can hear, while Jimmy Page’s shredding skills have inspired generations to pick up an axe and start practicing – Who better to pull off the ultimate tribute show than some of SA’s Rock n Roll legends! Join us as we pay tribute to one of the greatest rock bands of all Time – Led Zeppelin. For one night [...]


Fender South Africa Invites You To The Fender Roadshow 2017 Ft Dan Patlansky & Robin Gallagher

What To Expect at The Fender Roadshow 2017 Fender South Africa invites you to experience this unique and interactive event in an intimate environment. This is the perfect opportunity to see, hear and play the latest Fender guitars and amps, including a selection of the finest Fender products, Custom Shop models, and other Fender Family guitars. During a one hour session, Global Fender Clinician, Robin Gallagher, and internationally acclaimed local legend, Dan Patlansky, will put a ton of new gear to the test [...]